Following up from my previous post, I wanted to simulate an IRobot Create with a hokuyo laser mounted on it. I needed this to get my motion planning simulation up and running. 1. Follow the tutorial to get your create up and running in ROS/Gazebo. 2. If you downloaded the gazebo model repository from bitbucket, […]

For my research I needed to setup ROS to use ArUco so that I could track these ArUco markers placed randomly in the environment and localize my robot. Assuming that you have your catkin workspace setup, here are the steps: 1.  $cd ~/catkin_ws/src/ 2. $git clone 3. $cd .. 4. $catkin_make install 5. $sudo apt-get […]

After spending an entire weekend I finally got my Flip32 (from working on my mac (Macbook Pro Retina 2014) running OS X 10.10.2. -> The issue with the drivers on SILAB webpage is that they are not hosting the latest version that works with OS X 10.10, get the latest and greatest from here:… […]

This is an update to my previous post on setting up an iRobot Create/Roomba in Gazebo/ROS for the new ROS distro Indigo. Steps : 1. Follow the ROS instruction guidelines for Indigo installation [follow] 2. Setup your catkin workspace (again instructions in ROS wiki) 3. ROS Indigo should automatically install Gazebo 2.x 4. Start […]

I was asked by an interviewer from Microsoft (internship interview) to write code to determine the minimum steps/shortest path on a grid from some start to some goal, since this was very much related to my research in motion planning. I am providing the code here for the solution. Now, the way Dynamic Programming works […]