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How To: Belief Space Planning with OMPL

This is a tutorial on how to use the belief space planning toolbox that I have developed in conjunction with Dr. Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi.  This tutorial will be a living entity and evolve with time as I get time to build it up.

Part 1: Installing the dependencies

Part 2: Understanding how the planners work

Part 3: Running the demos

Part 4: Developing your own setup

4.1 You can generate the environment, robot etc using Google Sketchup, Catia or any such CAD tool and export as an obj file. I use sketchup because it has the smallest learning curve, its very beginner friendly.

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  1. Ying-Chuan Ying-Chuan

    this might be really helpful. I am overwhelmed by the enviroment setup and hope this tutorial and help me! Thanks for sharing

    • sauravagarwal sauravagarwal

      You’re welcome!

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